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Middle Western States Committee

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Middle Western States Committee


Middle Western States Committee
Birth Control--United States


The Middle Western States Committee was formed with the goal of assisting other leagues with promoting the cause of birth control in its territory. The Committee held lectures given to organizations such as the Billings Medical Club and the Chicago Woman’s Aid, and worked to oppose bills aimed at limiting access to and information about birth control.


Favill, John, "Report of the Middle Western States Committee," in International Aspects of Birth Control, ed. Margaret Sanger, (New York: American Birth Control League, Inc., 1925) 152-153.


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Chicago, IL

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November 1923


Chicago, IL

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Since its formation in November 1923, this committee has endeavored to act in an advisory and supportive capacity in relation to questions concerning Birth Control arising in its territory. Naturally the chief activity has been in Chicago where most of its members reside. While no definite program was adopted or accomplished, the following work has been done by the officers.

Explanatory and propaganda lecture on Birth Control were given by the chairman to the following organizations at their request:

January 1924, Billings Medical Club at the University Club.

February 1924, the "T" Club at the Hamilton Club.

November 1924, Chicago Federation of Settlements at Association House.

December 1924, Chicago Woman's Aid, Kimball Building.

The chairman assisted in some of the work preliminary to the establishment of a clinic in Milwaukee, Wis., but for various reasons this project had to be temporarily abandoned.

Frequent assistance was given to the president of the Illinois Birth Control League in the unsuccessful fight of the organisation for a license for a free Birth Control clinic in Chicago. One day was spent in Judge Fisher's court in this behalf. Many hours have been spend in conferences.

Preparations were made to oppose a bill which was to be presented to the City Council to class Birth Control clinics as public nuisances. The bill however, did not materialise.

Attempts are now being made to oppose another bill now in committee in the state legislature which seeks to further limit the giving of contraceptive information.

The chairman has interviewed such cases as were referred to him for advice and either dismissed or treated or referred them to the pay clinic of the Illinois Birth Control League. It is of interest to note that in one family which had reached its economic limit the husband requested sterilisation for himself.

The secretary has answered all letters sent to her. The usual proceedure was to urge writers to join the league, telling something about its work and aims. When feasible a copy of Margaret Sanger's "Family Limitation" was supplied. These communications have been received mostly from women in the west and middle west. In cases where writers were close enough they were urged to visit the clinic at 308 N. Michigan Avenue.

the secretary sent copies of the REVIEW with subscription blanks and a letter telling of the International Conference and bespeaking co-operation, either by a subscription to the REVIEW or by a money donation, to all members of the Middle Western States Committee. Much interesting correspondence was received as a result of this form letter. Some subscriptions to the REVIEW were received and a few checks to be used toward expenses of the conference. These have all been forwarded to the New York office.

The "form chain letter" suggested by the New York office was recently sent to all members of this committee and dollar bills are arriving at the office of the treasurer.


Favill, John, "Report of the Middle Western States Committee," in International Aspects of Birth Control, ed. Margaret Sanger, (New York: American Birth Control League, Inc., 1925) 152-153.