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Report on California: Alameda County Birth Control League

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Report on California: Alameda County Birth Control League


Hill, Bernice F.
Cooper, James Freyer
Holmes, Samuel J.
Leavans, Robert F.
Robinson, E. C.


An brief account of the activities of the Alameda County Birth Control League in California.


Hill, Mrs. H. G.


Margaret Sanger, ed. International Aspects of Birth Control: Proceedings of the Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference, vol. 1 (New York, 1925), 143-145.


American Birth Control League




De Bel, Heather (metadata and transcription)


The American Birth Control League became Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1939. Contact Planned Parenthood for rights.







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To the pleasure I take in offering this report, I wish to add an expression of the high privilege I feel in serving this wonderful cause Birth Control.

It is very hard indeed to be thousands of miles away from you, dear friends, at this time. The Sixth International Conference is undoubtedly a historical event and we here in California by the Golden Gate on the Pacific are looking to you for guidance and enlightenment. There still exists in the minds of the masses a great deal of prejudice, misunderstanding and indifference in regard to our work. Education seems to be the only solution to the problem, and for that we need to arm ourselves with a great deal of patience. 

The Alameda County Birth Control League, with headquarters in Oakland, California, was organized on August 21st, 1924, and during the seven months of its existence five mass meetings were well attended and great interest in the movement was shown by those present. 

On January 15th Dr. James F. Cooper addressed a meeting of medical men and women, discussing practical methods of contraception. On January 16th the Alameda County Birth Control League, together with the Oakland League of Women Voters, gave a luncheon at the leading hotel of this city in honor of Dr. Cooper. Birth Control as the main subject was announced in all the newspapers. Over 500 people gathered at the luncheon to listen to this subject which seemed to interest everyone. With Dr. Cooper the following speakers shared the program: Prof. Samuel J. Holmes, Rev. Robert F. Leavans of Berkeley Unitarian Church; Judge E. C. Robinson of the County Superior Court; Mrs. John P. Buwalda, former police woman of Washington D. C., all speaking in favor of Birth Control. 

This lunch-meeting was a tremendous victory for the Birth Control movement here as besides gaining many members, the local organisation became a recognized factor in the community. With interest growing daily, the possibility of opening an independent Birth Control clinic is becoming more and more promising. Meanwhile urgent cases are being treated at Health Centres and by individual doctors who greatly sympathise with the movement. The present local need is for the right kind of literature and for financial backing so as to be able to carry on the educational work on behalf of Birth Control and to be able to undertake the opening of a clinic. The executive board of the organization at the last meeting passed a resolution to raise the annual dues to $3.00.

I am taking the liberty of suggesting the following: (1) That the dues of the organisation be raised to $3.00 per annum, thus making it possible to launch a forceful educational campaign; (2) that a questionnaire be issued by the national organization and sent to the individual branches so that there may be a clearer understanding of the problems that arise throughout the country; (3) that a Speakers' Bureau be established, and that in so far as possible speakers be provided for the various branches, as we find it difficult to hold meetings owing to lack of speakers on this subject of Birth Control.

And in conclusion I want to say that the day is not far distant when the freedom of motherhood will become a reality.

With friendly greetings and best wishes, I remain,

Mrs. H. G. Hill,