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Olive M. Johnson to Margaret Sanger, February 13, 1932

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Olive M. Johnson to Margaret Sanger, February 13, 1932


Jolly, Gordon Gray
Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine
Johnson, Olive M.
International Birth Control Conference (7th)
Birth Control International Information Centre
Summerskill, Edith
Pyke, Margaret A.
National Birth Control Association


Johnson discusses sales of the proceedings of the Seventh International Birth Control Conference, a meeting with Gordon Gray Jolly about birth control and public health, and suggestions about sending a BCIIC representative to the Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine's conference in Nanking.


Johnson, Olive M.


Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress (Microfilm)




Collens, Jackie (transcription)
Hajo, Cathy Moran (metadata)


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LCM 15:0196


London, England

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Mrs. Margaret Sanger-Slee,
2424, Wyoming Avenue,
Washington. D. C.

13th. February 1932

Dear Mrs. Sanger,

E.H.-M. asks me to send the enclosed receipt to you. It represents another copy of the Zurich report sold—to the National Birth Control Association, so there will be no need for you to send them a copy, if you have not already done so. Yesterday we were in communication with Messrs. H. K. Lewis, Medical Booksellers, and offered them a copy of the Report on Sale or Return. Today they have accepted and ordered two copies. As their shop is in Gower Street, quite close to University College and Hospital, we hope they may perhaps be the means of getting a little publicity for the book and putting it into circulation.

On Wednesday Mrs. Pyke brought along to our weekly “B.C. Lunch”, at E.H.-M.’s invitation, an interesting visitor from Burma, Colonel Jolly, who is a Health Official in Rangoon. He is over here on leave and is making use of his holiday to get in touch with Health Authorities in the British Isles and elsewhere, and is most interested in b.c. He wants branches of the National Birth Control Association to be formed in various parts of the British Empire, and made some suggestions for beginning the work in Burma and India.

He also told us that the Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine is intending to hold a Conference, in Nankin probably, in 1933. He wants the International B.C.I.C. to send a medical delegate to read a paper on contraception and to open the discussion, and he thinks we ought to try to get in like that to all suitable Conferences. How about Dr. Hannah Stone, as a delegate? Or there would be no difficulty in finding a suitable one here. We have just come into contact with a new one—Dr. Edith Summerskill, young and very charming, and the mother of two children. Her father also is a doctor and both are very keen on b.c. Dr. Edith has been giving practical information for years. E. H.-M. says you and she will also attend the Conference and watch proceedings! We are hoping to see Colonel Jolly again before he returns to Burma—in 6 months.

With greetings from us all— E.H.-M. is again at Cheltenham.
Olive Johnson

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