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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger, January 19, 1931

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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger, January 19, 1931


Birth Control International Information Centre
How-Martyn, Edith
International Birth Control Conference (7th)
Marion, Kitty
Stutzin, Katharina
Guy, Gerda Sebbelov
Guy, John Henry
Stone, Hannah Mayer
World Population Conference (1927)
de Beer-Meijers, Flora
Crawford, A.


How-Martyn describes the financial situation of the birth control movement, plans for Holland, India, and China, disputes in the American birth control movement and the publication of the proceedings of the Seventh International Birth Control Conference.


How-Martyn, Edith


Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress (Microfilm)




Hajo, Cathy Moran (metadata)


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MSP, LC 15:5


London, England

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19. January. 1931

My dearest Margaret,

At present there seems no change for the better in business affairs except that there is I think a glimmer of determination than ever to pull through somehow, sometime, somewhere.

I have sent M. Martini £20 towards Bruce’s bill so your afc stands thus

For OMJ £5
per Chance £37
for Zurich reports £20
Total £62

To pay for Z Report translations £20
Typing paper for Z.R £12
O.M Johnson’s Work £7-10-0
Kitty Marion’s ‘ + part fare back £22-10-0


Kitty decided to go back in such a hurry that it gave me no chance to collect the money for her fare but I am still busy on that. It was short of what I collected by £36-10-0 now reduced to £22-010-0 as above and I hope to get from suffragettes at least another £10 to put back into your a/c.

From the enclosed from Frau Stutzin you will see she has done well- - Gerda & I feel so touched by her patient-- “we cannot get a penny by way of donation” that we are sending her £5 (and offering to send her notepaper like this with her address on it. Almost on Mr. Guy’s principle of showing our last £1 with a friend to show we have not lost our nerve.

As you recommended Caution about Holland I am not taking any steps at present especially as we have not got Mme. Beer-Meyer’s address. Indeed it would be better if you as President wrote to her and let us take up the matter when the policy is settled and there is routine work to be done. China and India in 1932 sounds splendid - oh! yes. do take me & if you do not travel too expensively Herbert might come at his own expense & look at trains & son on and see the sights while we are at work and then took us just to see the cream of the sights. Yet I do hope you can manage a visit to Europe this year + visit several European countries & add to our Correspondents.

Sorry, I ought to have been more cautious over A.B.C League you will not see K. Stutzin’s letter + my reply. When I think about it I am very clear that there must be no confusion in leadership-- you must settle policy there is no one fitter to do it than you. there must be no repetition of Geneva 1927.

Am so very pleased you liked the books. From what Dr. Stone tells us he has had the stuff from Crawford at least we sent 5 packets & he has received 5. As Dr. C only had to post it on it was all ready - but we are if Dr. Stone will let us know what is missing (if any). I will have it copied and forwarded at once.

So glad to hear you have arranged about the report-- probably Williams & Wilkins of Baltimore would make better terms with an English publisher than we could but will an English edition be necessary, well not the publisher send over copies to sell here. As the English movement is going so well I doubt if there will be a large scale here.

So Emma is in Europe but I am glad to hear she is coming back to you.

Forget about the squabbles dear think about the world’s need for B.C - Greetings to the Squire - much love from Edith. P.T.O
Much love dear one

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