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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger, July 19, 1934

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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger, July 19, 1934


How-Martyn, Edith
Orrman, Elna
Snellman, Ellen Kaisu
Guy, Gerda Sebbelov
Datta, Alexandrina
Lightbourn, Hyacinth
Keun, Odette
Shaw, Miss
Wells, H. G.


How-Martyn updates Sanger on the need for birth control in Scandinavia, a possible expansion of her world tour plans, a meeting with Indian students, a meeting with a Jamaican doctor.


How-Martyn, Edith


Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress (Microfilm)




Filion, Laura (metadata)


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MSP LC Reel 15:730-1


London, England

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19th, July 1934

Dearest Margaret,

Thank you for the letter from Helsingfors, and we are delighted that you are so pleased with Miss Orrman and Mrs. Snellman. They both seemed to us heart and soul for b.c. work and longing to get a move on in Finland, thought as you say, it is not easy.

I entirely agree with you about the need for a campaign to wake up the Scandinavian women - so does Gerda Guy. I think a Conference on “The New Motherhood” in every country might be a great success. It would be a respectable title that would frighten nobody, and we could rub it in that there could be no new motherhood without birth control,

My idea about going to China and coming back thru’ America was really to spy out the land in preparation for just such a world tour as you picture. Several of the Chinese birth control workers have visited us this year and all are anxious that someone should go over and see them and give them little encouragement and possibly a few hints as to the way the work is done here and in America, so that they can compare their own efforts with ours. I should not seek publicity. My whole point would be to get first-hand information to make the later tour a success. It would not cost much money - about £150, which I should try to get from a special person who likes to pay for something definite and preferably for the extension of an effort that is already being made like, for instance, the extension of my Egypt trip to Palestine and Syria.

Yesterday was a great day, Mrs. Datta, of Lahore, who is in London with a party of Indian students lunched with us. It was she who suggested my going to India last December, and she is willing to organise for us in India so as to make everything go as smoothly and successfully as possible. She will be in Switzerland in September for the first two weeks and hopes she may perhaps meet you. She is then coming to England for a week.

Dr. Hyaointh Lightbourn of Jamaica (coloured girl) and Miss Shaw of Burma (mother Burmese, father English) were als with us at lunch and the meeting and we had a most interesting afternoon.

In the middle of the morning we were thrilled to have a telephone conversation with Mme. Odette Keun who came to lunch and kept us lively.l She is doing midwifery work and wants to combine birth control with it. She is very anxious to work with us and wanted to know how she could be fitted in and I told her I would write to you, as I knew you would have good ideas.

Of course you remember Odette. She left H.G. Wells about fifteen months ago. She tells me that he was unfaithful to her for about five years. This is her first visit to England. He would never let her come.

Much love from all your admirers here chief among them Edith.

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