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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger July 29, 1935

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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger July 29, 1935


How-Martyn, Edith
Moore, Hazel
Cousins, Margaret E.
Birth Control International Information Centre
Rout, Ettie Hornibrook
National Birth Control Association
Keun, Odette


How-Martyn describes the need for international birth control work in light of the tenth anniversary of working with Margaret Sanger, and reactions to birth control in England.


How-Martyn, Edith


Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress (Microfilm)




Filion, Laura (metadata)
Filion, Laura (transcription)


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MSP LC Reel 15:0904-6


London, England

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29. July. 1935

My dearest Margaret,

Thinking of you resting & dreaming at beautiful Willow Lake a note from Hazel Moore tells me the bad news that you have hurt your foot again. I do hope it will soon be right again. It is horrid for you.

No news yet from Mrs. Cousins. We are arranging to go in November but I am not fixing up a programme as last year so that I shall be free to fall in with your plans. Having been to India once I know that I can do good work + get the meetings I want at short notice. I am concerned about your having a Secretary complete with notebook & typewriter as you will be able to dictate interviews + articles + get tremendous publicity which will be all to the good. I hope this can be managed. If not from America then the Centre here must make an effort to give you one. For 3 months from London the cost would be about £150 as we can get cheap return tickets.

Shall you fly from London? to India?

We have not solved our crisis as to whether we shall cut down our activities to our expected income or whether we shall try to get more money. We are having a Council meeting at Beaconsfield this week to consider plans. I want to be quit of responsibility for the office so that I can concentrate on preparations for this world tour and do some reading. It is 10 years next February since you asked me to come to America and we started in earnest on International work, and in Nov it will be 7 years since we took this office and I feel very definitely that my special job in the next few years is to be a birth control missionary. It is no use having all this information, facilities and progress in America and England unless we tell the world about it.

Ettie Rout is back in England & I had a note from her. She is in bed in the country recovering from malaria. She mad foolish comments on the work in America but show she expects anyone who knows anything about America to believe her passes my comprehension. Jealousy perhaps accounts for it. She has never filled the position she would have liked and in no sense this country has she ever been a leader. Neither has she any chance of becoming one. While she was away her husband got a book published entitled “Without Rescue”. He gives his opinions but there is no depth of philosophy behind them.

The English movement continues to open clinics through the Health Authorities ought to be doing the work. It means that there is less money for International work. We are thinking of setting up a special Co for India as money might be forthcoming for that as many English people fed they have a duty to help India while the needs of China & Japan would leave them cold.

Public interest is concentrated on the Italian Abyssinian dispute and the urgent need to avoid war.

Odette Keun is back in London working very hard at a book called “I explain the French” also she has just finished a pamphlet to rouse England to the danger of Nazism. She is excitable & interesting as ever & happier than she was last year.

Much love and a whole foot.

Greetings to the Squire & the doctors
from Edith

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Autograph letter, signed