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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger March 5, 1934

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Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger March 5, 1934


How-Martyn, Edith
Johnson, OIive M.
Cahn, Julien
Snellman, Ellen Kaisu
Drysdale, Charles Vickery
All-India Women's Conference
Indian Medical Congress
Sanger, Stuart
Sanger, Grant


How-Martyn writes about her plans to visit Syria, Palestine and Egypt, as well as future plans for international work.


How-Martyn, Edith


Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress (Microfilm)




Filion, Laura (metadata and transcription)


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MSP-LC Reel 17:614-19

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My dearest Margaret,

In the straits of Gibraltar with a smooth sea under a sunny blue sky, very well satisfied with my job of arousing interest in B.C. in the near East and looking forward with intense joy to your visit & to our pilgrimage to India & possibly to some other places. Within the next 5 years I would like you to visit every country in the world only about 40 of any size. I will make a list & then tick them off as your triumphant progress is made. A letter from O.M.J. to this boat tells me that you are pleased with the Washington Cong. + planning on India. It will be a joyful day when we meet and I can hear about your plans & can tell you about the near East. In a way I don't feel so worried about the money. We never could get enough to do the work ourselves. If in any country we can't find people who with the encouragement of free literature, personal visits, and the great need staring them in the face to do the work themselves then we shd. move into a country where we can. We want money for a few of us (all unpaid if possible) to travel, money for Hdqtes in London, New York & Geneva & money for Conferences. It is a large enough order but we really are making some headway (like my getting a gift of £ 50 from Sir Julien Cahn for Palestine & Syria). Perhaps it is the sunshine, perhaps it is the prospect of seeing you again so soon I feel so full of confidence & joy in the future. Last summer with you in America is still a thrilling joyful recollection. I am sure you will approve of the groups in Syria, Egypt & Palestine & also our contact in Helsingfors Mrs. Snellman a dear person who will fall for you at first sight & on your way to Russia you can easily take in Helsingfors & on the way back Warsaw.

It is good news the R.C's have irritated people. When we have roused the women of the world to the value of B.C. we ought to be able to have a good, smashing campaign against the R.C's what fun would it be. Tho' I think we shd.have to do it in the name of God who is all loving benefice & who is disgusted with people like the R.C's who misrepresent him & are thus blasphemous. - Rationalism is too arid & cold to make any appeal to any but doctrinal intellectuals & pessimists. Stuart wrote us such a nice letter + we are so glad he liked the books. There is a letter too from Grant I believe but that has not been sent on or at least has not reached me. Both of them will be a big success as physicians.

Let us have all the notice you can about coming to England as we do want to have a good show for you this time. Your reception in England has not been what I should for you hitherto.

OMJ tells me that Drysdale is retrieving from the Admiralty this summer & apparently they may be going to live abroad. They have done so little for B.C. in recent years it will make little difference what they do. not even paying a small sub!! Among the first things I shall do when I get back is to get your Chicago address pamphlet printed, get out the first News Letter of the Centre (as you suggested) plan for your visit to Europe & Collect material for India.

As the All India Women's Conf. again passed the B.C. resolution + also the Indian Medical Congress the ground must be well prepared. I think it may be a good plan if I work up the case for the G'v't & get as many introductions as I can from the India Office in London + from the High Commissions for India. These are only suggestions but I do think as India is such a vast problem we should plan on team work under your direction also I think we should bear in mind publishing a report of our visit under your editorship as not only would it be an eyeopening record for the world but it should raise money for traveling & for Conferences. We should plan our China & Japan for `1935 while the Indian Success is still fresh in people's minds. I just feel this morning as though in a few years we can defeat the images & the R.C. & the stupid everywhere on this question only of course under your leadership.

In another day or so we shall be back in London and in the office again & my first question will be "any news from M.S. Olive"?

Greetings, Congratulations on Washington, hurrah for India and much love from

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