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Dora Russell was a British feminist, socialist, and author. Russell was involved in organizing the World League for Sexual Reform’s 1929 congress in London, and later was a founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Norman Haire served as chief honorary medical officer at the Walworth Women’s Welfare Centre. He lectured on birth control and sexology at Oxford and Cambridge University, and began writing a weekly advice column under a pen name in the Australian…

Charles Vickery Drysdale became the editor of The Malthusian in 1907, succeeding his father. He became president of the Malthusian League in 1921.

Bessie Ingham Drysdale was a British educator and Neo-Malthusian. She taught at Stockwell College before joining her husband, Charles Vickery Drysdale, working for the Malthusian League.

Edith How-Martyn was a British feminist, suffragette and birth control advocate who became director of the Birth Control International Information Centre.

How-Martyn reports on her birth control travels in Palestine and Syria, her efforts to start birth control services there and how the French and British colonial governments affected her work. Also discusses the relations between Jews, Christians…

The Birth Control International Information Centre was founded by Margaret Sanger and Edith How-Martyn in 1930, to gather information on birth control activities around the world, foster the establishment of leagues and clinics, and sponsor tours and…
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