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Mrs. Ackermann, Frances Brooks was a member of the American Birth Control League.

Elizabeth Bacon was an active member of the American Birth Control, as well as an organizer and a lecturer.

Josephine Day Bennett, (Mrs. M. Toscan Bennett), was a suffragist and one of three women who founded the Connecticut Branch of the American Birth Control League.

Alice Marjorie Martin was an acquaintance to Margaret Sanger and contributed to the Birth Control movement.

She was a British suffragist who worked with Alice Vickery, Edith How-Martyn, and Charles V. Drysdale.

Milly Witkop was a Jewish anarcho-syndicalist and feminist writer and activist. She was the common-law wife of Rudolf Rocker. Fermin Rocker, her son, was an artist.

Rose Witcop was an anarchist, journalist and pioneer of birth control and sex education

Dr. John Favill served as the chairman of the Middle Western States Committee on Birth Control and used his medical knowledge to campaign for access to birth control information.

Everett Russell Meves was an organizer for the New Jersey Birth Control League, living in Camden in the early 1920s.

Frances Perkins was the U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945, the longest serving in that position, and the first woman appointed to the U.S. Cabinet. As a loyal supporter of her friend, Franklin D. Roosevelt, she helped pull the labor movement…

Thomas Jeeves Horder was an English Physician recognized as a leading clinician and diagnostician of his day.

Olive M. Johnson was a long-time worker in the British birth control movement, serving as Charles Vickery Dryssdale's personal secretary and the general secretary of the Malthusian League. In 1938 Johnson worked for the Birth Control Worldwide News…

A British, socialist doctor who worked alongside the Worker's Birth Control Group

A British was a Welsh Congregationalist minister and Labour Party politician who spoke in favor of the morality of birth control.

A British women's rights advocate.

A British doctor.

A British child welfare activist and landscape architect.

A socialist British Politician, an Independent Labour Party leading member.

A Canadian born British feminist, socialist, and birth control and abortion campaigner.

An English doctor involved in public, child, and maternal health during the 1930's.

An English politician and social activist belonging to and leading the Labour Party who was for social justice, women's rights, and world disarmament.

Bertrand Russell was a philosopher, logician, historian, among many other things who actively supported the birth control movement.

Chamberlain was the Minister of Health, later Leader of the Conservative Party, and Prime Minister of England known for his Chamberlain was British prime minister between 1937 and 1940 and often linked to the policy of appeasement towards Nazi…

A Scottish Socialist politician who was the first Labour Minister of Health and later became the British Minister of Health from January 1924 till November 1924. He was strongly against the birth control movement.

A salesman/accountant turned politician. British Labour politician and Member of Parliament.

Politician who served as a Member of Parliament, and belonged to the Labour Party.

A British teacher and trade union organizer who belonged to the Labour Party and was one of the first female Members of Parliament.

An English writer and socialist who supported the birth control movement.

Vicente C. Aldaba (1893-?) was a Filipino biologist involved with the birth control movement in the 1930s.

Amolak Ram Mehta (1894-1986) was a Western-trained public health physician who served as India's Minister of Health.
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